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Slimmer Size Weight Loss Storys

Emma from Wales wrote :

Hi, ill keep my story short as I am known to natter a bit too much. Since having my two baby girls (twins) I had a lot of fat still on me, so much that I thought I would never be able to get rid of it. months went by, and having twins to look after (there beautiful by the way) there wasn't much time left in day to start exercising, and even if there was, I was just too tired from looking after the kids all day. Losing weight seemed miles away from my grasp. But once they got a little older I was able to start a little routine. But I must admit I didn’t see much of a difference which was quite off putting. I thought, wasn't I doing enough to shift the weight etc. After months of trying a failing to see much weight loss, I decided to step up the training, and it really made a difference. I got so tired of being overweight and not seeing much weight loss that I gave it my all.

I would start off holding a can of beans in each hand and do a punching motion for 2 minutes at a time, press ups on my knees and some leg stretches. Then I would do sit-ups, 30 a time, which was hard at first. Then I started going jogging and then I really started seeing some weight loss! Altogether I have lost around 4 stone! I’m much happier and feel and look much more like I did before having twins. I now do my routines 3 times a week, and the weight loss has now slowed and i'm at my natural weight. I think the moral of my story is you don’t need anything except determination. If you are genuinely fed up with your weight like I was, you will do whatever it takes to lose weight. So, don't forget, exercise and a decent diet and the determination and anyone can lose weight. Good luck to all. Emma.

Karly ( no location enclosed)

Hello, i dont have a story about my weight loss, im actually slim and always have been. I would like to put on weight! Am i in the wrong place . lol . I just have an opinion. I think peoples weight and their ability to lose weight does rely on there family gene pool.

Take someone that has slim parents, 9 out of 10 times there not overweight. Take someone that has overweight parents - there either overweight or will be at some point. Think of someone you know who has slim parents but is fat? I honestly can't think of anyone that i know of..Now if i think of people i know who have overweight parents, they are overweight or have the potential to be. So it must have alot to do with your gene pool.

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Hi there, i just wanted to thank you for bringing some of the products on your website to my attention. I have been using proactol for a few months now and i have been losing weight at a nice steady pace. I feel much better. I don't know how much weight i have lost exactly but ive definately lost quite a bit. Proactol is a great product and it has made my weight loss goals achievable. So thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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