Bullworker Vs Isokinator

Is it really a fair comparison to put the Bullworker up against the Isokinator. Because really, they only have two main things in common. Those are, that they both focus on Isometrics / resistance training, and the other is that they were both made / invented by the same person, Gert F. Koelbel. So why do people look to compare these two devices.


Well, I suppose they both fall into the strange "contraption" category, where they are both looked at more like "one man bands" or Swiss Army Knives of the exercise world, where one tool can potentially do it all. In many ways that is the correct perception, because that's how many people view these devices, and that's how they are actually marketed as well.

Effectiveness and Results

If used regularly both can be effective. Resistance training is one of the best things for increasing strength, mass and definition. So any form of resistance training is definitely a step in the right direction for those who want to see and feel positive changes in their body, and also with their sense of well-being. However, these enhancements aren't exclusive to any device, as exercise in any form can and does make a person feel better both physically and mentally.

However, if we look at some of the information online where people have done before and afters with each device, we should be careful not to read into their results too much. This is because all people are different. I'm sure you've seen some individuals in your own life who do hardly any training at all, but are really defined. Some people are just like this, while others can train every day and still not look very muscular. It's down to different body types.

So when you see before and after results with any device or machine, and you think wow, that's impressive, it does not mean that every person will look that way if they follow the same exercise routines the person did who posted their before and after. If you know yourself, and you know your own body type, then you will have some idea of what to expect from each device.

If a person posted some impressive results from using only a Bullworker, this is great for them, and just as great for the products image, but if that person really did only use the Bullworker, you have to ask yourself, could that person have gotten the same impressive results from just doing say 50 press ups per day..

Bullworker Vs Isokinator Portability

Compared to a weights bench or multi gym the Bullworker is very portable. All sizes can be transported by hand fairly easily. But the classic original, the newer X7, and the Bullworker 36" Bow Classic will require a fairly big bag if you want to take it with you somewhere. So its not the best choice for someone who knows they want this device to travel with them. This is where the much smaller Steel Bow makes a much better fit for individuals who need something a bit more mobile friendly.

At only 20" the Steel Bow is basically a miniature version of the Bullworker, and it can do everything its bigger counterpart can. So for people who are looking for a device that is portable, the Steel Bow makes the most sense. However, there is also the Iso-Bow, which is extremely portable, but will not provide the full resistance intensity that the Bullwoker do. The Iso-Bow is more a stretching / Flexibility aid. It can offer some resistance exercises, but that's not its main area.

In terms of having the full tension / resistance functionality on the go, the Isokinator is definitely the winner as far as being the easiest to take with you on the road. With it being completely handheld, it is the best choice for people who know they want to use it while they are on their travels. The only downside to the Isokinator as far as being mobile goes is that it is fairly heavy. Thankfully, there are few different Isokinator models to choose from, and one of the models has addressed the weight issue quite well. If you want to buy the model that is the lightest in weight, take a look at the Spaceman. This model can be found for sale here in the UK | and here in the USA.

Price Comparison

This is the area where the gap between the two is pretty wide. For example: Right now you could, if you don't mind purchasing a second hand item, go on to eBay and buy an older model classic Bullworker for literally £20 - £25. You can't do this with the Isokinator, because even second hand, any model up for sale used still costs more to purchase than a brand new, up to date, Bullworker 36" Bow Classic. Regardless of this, even comparing the two side by side brand new, at its lowest price, the Isokinator (Classic model) costs twice as much.

If you want the more heavy duty model Isokinator, the Green Giant, which has a top resistance weight of 180KG, this costs around 3 times as much as a brand new Bullworker.  In closing, and taking everything into consideration, if you know that you're going to always be training at home, and have no need or desire to haul any device around with you on your travels  I personally think the Bullworker is the better option.

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