The Isokinator: Training on the go

The Isokinator Classic Review: Mobile Fitness. Busy lifestyles, working away  a lot, and also not having much room for exercising at home. There are many reasons why some people look for a portable training device. There have been a few products that have been really popular over the years. One of those was the Bullworker, which offered true old school resistance training.

Isokinator UK
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This was a great product, offering many different types of exercises in the form of pushing and pulling against a spring loaded device with two bow-like plastic covered wires that the user gripped on to. The Bullworker is still used today. It's been revitalised with the introduction of a new and improved product line, all following the general design and exercise routines that the original Bullworker offered. Although it may not look like it, the Isokinator, in some ways, is similar to the Bullworker.

They are both portable and use resistance / isometrics to train certain parts of the body. Both are very effective. Resistance training, no matter what the device or method, is, and will always be a very important aspect of getting fitter and stronger. However, when it comes to true portability, the Isokinator is definitely the much more mobile device.

It's basically hand held and can be transported in a small bag. Whereas the Bullworker, while still a portable device, is bigger and a bit more cumbersome. There is one exception in the form of the Steel Bow, which is a much smaller Bullworker. But it still can't beat the Isokinator in the size department. Anyway, enough about that, they are both good devices. And as unbelievable as this might sound, they were both invented by the same man. That mans name is Gert F. Koelbel.

A deceiving mini machine

The Isokinator can provide a full body workout in less than 25 minutes. It's main focus, or training routine is a set of 7 main exercises, with 28 other supplemental exercises also included. You can also make up your own. The straps provided are what the machine is based on. They work as the pulling / resistance grips that the user holds on to in order to perform the exercises.

The two metal balls at the top of the Isokinator indicate the level of resistance / pressure, and the main goal is to keep those two balls ideally right on top of the two holes below, which are located on each side. This isn't essential however, especially not for someone new to the product. Note: The higher the resistance setting, the harder it becomes to hold this positioning. There is a small learning curve, but perseverance pays off, and after a while you'll soon be using it methodically.

Some Features of the Classic model

  • Carbon steel bar secures up to 800KG (1700lbs) counterforce in the device

  • Made with Stainless Steel Bolts

  • Two golden balls in cockpit indicating resistance level

  • Limiting Cylinder

  • Pressure Adjustment Scale

  • Sliding rail for Kilo Regulator

  • Stand-by mode (train with zero pressure)

Two tension belts are included (hands and feet)  There's definitely no skimping on materials here. An impressive set of materials are used to make the device. Stainless steel, Carbon steel, ALMg3 Aluminium and even 24 Carat Gold (Plated balls). Absolutely no plastic parts are present, so nothing that can just snap!

Different Models

As far as I'm aware there are 4 different models of Isokinator. They all look the same but some have different levels of pressure. The one that is recommended for not only the strongest of individuals, but also people who want to never need to upgrade is the Green Giant. The Classic model, which is widely available in UK and Germany (and shipped world wide) talked about here and pictured above has a top pressure of 90KG. The Green Giant is much more formidable at 180KG (also pictured).

The two other models are the Spaceman (maximum 90KG) (very light in weight), and the "Lady", for the women of course, which has top resistance level of 70KG. I'm talking about their top levels of resistance here, but it should be noted that everything below these numbers is also available. You are free to use the level of resistance you feel most comfortable with and gradually work your way up as you become stronger and more used to the device.

Is the Isokinator effective?

All resistance training is effective. If you persevere, and can get past the soreness if your new to training or have been inactive for a while, this product can provide a really good workout for those who have a busy lifestyle with minimal spare time to train, or have little space at home, and even great for those who work away from home and basically live out of hotel rooms.

With this little machine you can monitor progress over time with the ability to track how much resistance / Kilograms you are training against. As this increases, so will your muscle strength and ability. Some great results have been reported and the reviews are excellent, too. So if you're pressed for time, or find yourself in locations where training may be difficult, take a moment to read through some of the reviews and see whether this is well suited for what you need.

Old School German Engineering

The Isokinator is build to last decades. The Bullworker was a very tough product that lasted many years, or shall I say decades. And the Isokinator is just as tough and well made. Gert F. Koelbel stands behind his products. Would you believe that the whole range is covered by a 20 year guarantee. So while it may not be a cheap product to buy, it more than makes up for its expense in build quality, convenience, and the sheer amount of training years it can potentially provide.


Yulah445UK said...

Was tempted to buy one of these. Green Giant was my prefered choice. But I changed my mind and went with a second hand bullworker instead. Cost £20 from ebay. Happy with my decision.

Heinrik said...

Isokinator ist teuer, egal wo ich online schaue. Wer weiß, wo ein Gutschein Gutscheincode für einen günstigeren Preis gefunden werden kann. Ich möchte kaufen, aber es ist zu viel Geld

Slimmer size said...

Hey Henrik, thanks for commenting. Die billigsten Optionen, die ich gefunden habe, waren entweder die offizielle Koelbel-Website, wo es 185 Euro + kostenlose Lieferung ist, oder eins, das bei eBay für 90 - 120 Euro verwendet wird. Vielen Dank.