Weight-Loss: Picture Realistic Goals

Here are some tips on how to get yourself motivated to lose weight. It's easier than you think! Find a picture of yourself that you don't like because seeing it makes you feel like you need to lose weight. Save that picture and keep it posted on the refrigerator and if you can make another copy, put it on the pantry too. That way, you have to look at it every time you go to eat and you'll have to decide whether it's worth it to put those calories into your body.

Don't focus on how much weight you need to lose or how many sizes you want to drop. When you look at all that you need to accomplish, it can be overwhelming. Instead, take baby steps. Focus on losing 5 pounds or dropping 1 size. Celebrate the small victories (but not with food!!). Get a massage or buy yourself something nice in your new, smaller size! Or buy a fabulous new pair of shoes. Get a friend who wants to lose weight too. Encourage each other and exercise together.

If you have someone who is counting on you to exercise with them, you're far less likely to skip out on exercising. Also, you can call the friend for encouragement instead of hitting the fridge or the pantry (think of them as a weight-loss sponsor). Picture yourself as you'd like to be and think to yourself that you can do it! Positive thinking can only help you. Negative thoughts will cause you to do things like binge when you've only had one little slip-up. Don't make your weight-loss plan so strict that you'll never follow it.

Make a plan that you can actually follow. Change 1 or 2 things at a time and only make another change once you have adjusted to the first changes. If you completely change your entire life all at once, you aren't likely to maintain your new lifestyle (think yo-yo dieting). Don't plan on depriving yourself completely. Let yourself have 1 treat a week, just make it a small treat (reasonable portion).

If you don't practice self-deprivation, then you won't feel the need to binge and you'll be far more likely to be able to stick with your diet. And sometimes it's necessary to get a little "outside" help. I recommend The Apple Patch Diet. It's a great diet supplement that has helped me personally lose 29 pounds! It's all natural and doesn't create all those nasty side effects like other diet pills. Don't be afraid to get help with your weight-loss.

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