Are Weight Loss Pills Really Needed?

As soon as people want to lose weight, the first thing they think about is exercise. The second is eating less. The third, for most people, is weight loss pills. Now, we know that some people are naturally overweight due to their parents and ancestors being overweight, so it's in their genes from birth. And these people generally have a much harder time losing weight. Will weight loss pills really help these types of people? Actually, it's questionable whether they will really be beneficial to anyone, no matter what their genetic make up is, who wants to lose weight permanently.

I mean, we know that losing weight and staying slimmer is a long road that requires a change of lifestyle and routine, so isn't it really a smarter move to concentrate on making those changes in your life and sticking with them rather then wasting money taking weight loss pills when you have the "get slim quick" mindset that won't help for achieving permanent weight loss. Weight loss pills are only meant to be used for a short time to get your foot on the ladder so to speak, so how can that be a long term answer. It isn't.

Make no mistake, weight loss pills do have their place, and many people use them and report great results. But most people are under the mindset where they think that they can take a course of weight loss pills and that's it, problem solved. The reality is nothing could be further from the truth. The quicker you realise that there is no safe quick fix with weight loss the better prepared you will be mentally to make those big changes to your lifestyle that will help you lose weight, feel great, and remain that way as long as you stick to your new healthier lifestyle.

It's a really sad fact that many people, specially around the Christmas period, will buy either weight loss pills or exercise equipment hoping to lose weight and then ditching their plans after a few sessions or pill courses because the results were slower then expected, and their mindset was not geared toward the long term commitment it takes to effectively lose weight and keep it off. This is also bad because it creates even more doubt in a persons mind when they try to lose weight and fail miserably. It either disheartens them from trying again in the future, or they try and fail many times, going around in the same circle that always leads them back to their old unhealthy lifestyle.

Get your mind right, and realise that weight loss takes commitment, effort, lifestyle changes and dedication. When you are prepared mentally and know what this journey takes you have a much higher chance of success. With the right mindset I personally don't think anyone needs weight loss pills, just bags of effort, determination, and a clear understanding that this is a tough road, which requires lifestyle changes, including a revamp of eating habits and exercise. It may seem like a lot of hard work, and it is, but then it comes back to mental toughness. How bad do you want it.. Are you prepared to put the work in. It's a hard but very rewarding journey, for which there is no safe quick fix solution.

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