Best Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Weight loss equipment can be anything from a $1000 running machine to a $5 skipping rope bought from your local store. Some people are crazy for buying equipment. Weighted Vests, Rowing machines, Exercise Bikes, you name it. There mindset is like, " I need to lose some weight off my stomach, I need to buy an Ab Trainer." Or, " I want to improve my cardio, I need to buy an $800 running machine". Most of the people who are in this mindset where they feel they need to spend money, in many cases a lot of money, and have at their disposal a certain piece of fitness equipment available for every single body part are the very people that never stick to any weight loss goal or program to the very end. It acts as a barrier, or a sub conscious excuse, like they need a specific item or aid to effectively lose weight. These people are everywhere.

Do you know how big the weight loss market is? It is huge, and part of why it's so big is mainly because of how many people buy equipment they never use, or buy gym memberships that they never get round to making full use of. Here at Slimmer Size we are big believers of keeping it real, and hopefully our no nonsense approach ends up saving you money. The truth is you don't need to spend any money at all. I know that a lot of people don't want to hear that. Most people want to read about the latest and greatest weight loss product that will make you lose 20 pounds in one day. Do you still believe that rubbish? All these people who claim this want to do is to separate you from some of your money, and they'll say anything to do so. I know it's not what most want to hear, but it is the truth. Anything anyone offers you, if not very damaging to your health, requires effort, no matter what it is.

So you want to lose weight and you are curious to what the best equipment is..You already own it. It's you! If you wanted to you could, right this minute, get down on the floor and give me 5 push-ups, or if your in better shape you could give me 20 push-ups. You could also give me some jogging or jumping on the spot. Heck, you could even actually go running! Or do some squats, maybe some stretching, some shadow boxing using two cans of beans, sit-ups perhaps..Do you see what all these exercises have in common? They require no expensive equipment, no spending of money, and no taking of any weight loss pills or other products. All they require is for you to lift the veil of dependence you may have for fitness equipment, and put in the effort and determination that you already possess and make it happen. You can do all those exercises and many more right now, for free.

Everyone has a flat surface at there disposal, it's called the floor. A flat surface plus effort and determination is better then ANY piece of fitness equipment on the planet. You can have all the fitness equipment in the world, but with no effort or determination it is totally useless and will just sit there gathering dust. Only buy exercise equipment if you know yourself well enough. Are you one of those people that will buy it and not use it. Have you done so in the past? If so don't bother buying it. If you know that you will use it all the time then go ahead and buy that Bicycle, Rowing Machine or punch bag, just so long as you make good use of it.

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