Womens Skechers Shape Ups Trainers

Skechers Shape Ups are without doubt one of the very best deals when it comes to price and value for money. What other top footwear brand can you think of that is selling a high quality pair of trainers for such a low price. There really isn't many. Skechers Shape Ups are generally bought by women who want comfortable trainers for walking and running. Skechers Shape Ups main selling point is not only the low price tag, but also the technology that's incorporated into the soles.  As you can probably gather from the name, Skechers Shape Ups are targeted at women who want to "Shape Up", tone up certain parts of there lower body such as the legs, calf's and buttocks.

shape ups - white - silver

Thanks to Skechers own SmartShoe and V stride design technology inside the extremely thick "wedge like" sole, the wearer is able to walk or run with an increased level of bounce and foot support, giving extra stability and a more centered feel. These trainers are excellent for promoting good posture and keeping your weight to balance ratio in check.

This makes sure that your body weight is evenly distributed, helping to target certain parts of the lower body better and tone them faster compared to wearing normal trainers that are not designed in this special, unique way.  Skechers Shapes Ups even have there own recommended method of walking which is by making contact with the floor using your heel first and then gentle progressing through to middle of your foot, and finally pushing off with your toes.

So they not only have the potential to help with weight loss and toning but also promote the correct way of walking. Using the whole foot, starting from the heel is the right way of walking when wearing any footwear and actually helps prevent shin splints, sore ankles, bad knees, and other irritating problems.

Do Skechers Shape Ups actually help you to lose weight?

Well, Some women say no, but many women who have bought them also say yes, they have been a contributing factor. Perhaps this could be because Skechers Shape Ups are so comfortable that women actually do more walking than usual without realising it. To be sure you'll have to buy a pair to find out. But remember, losing weight requires effort, lifestyle changes and determination. There is no quick fix solution. And if there is, it certainly doesn't come in the form of a pair of shoes with huge soles. There's much more to it than that.

Be aware: Your legs and lower body in general may become slightly sore when you first start wearing these trainers (Sneakers USA). But that's a good thing. It shows they are working their magic and giving you a workout. You'll soon get used to it. Because of the sheer size of the soles (They are not to every woman's liking!) these trainers are also great if you want look a little taller! Specially the pair pictured in this post. Please Note: The pair pictured at the top of this page are the pair selling for very cheap in the UK. Other pairs out there for sale can be much more expensive.

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