Reebok Easytone Traintone Womens Shoes

Women's Reebok Easytone Traintone Shoes are Reeboks attempt at making a range of footwear that is said to work and tone certain parts of the wearers lower body more effectively than normal trainers. In that sense they are quite similar to Skechers Shape Ups. However, that's where all similarities end. Reebok Easytone are a much more attractive pair of trainers in every way possible.

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The pair pictured here are the Reebok Easytone Traintone in pink and white, a slight variation of the normal Easytone models that were made to be a bit more gym orientated. The Easytone range do have an excellent foot support system in the way of a twin "Air Bubble" type set-up concealed within the sole.

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It's basically made up of two air pockets (balance pods) and it's supposed to help with toning certain parts of the legs and buttocks more effectively. Does it work? I don't know, but if your buying these trainers to help you lose weight I wouldn't expect too much from them in that regard. After all, you still have to put the hard work in regardless of what footwear you are wearing.

Moving Air Reebok Womens Gym training exercise shoes

As I said in the Skechers Shape Ups post, when it comes to weight loss there is no quick fix solution. And if there is, it certainly doesn’t come in the form of a pair of trainers. Having said that, Reebok Easytone Traintone do make a nice pair of trainers to wear for gym work, jogging, and everyday wear. Just don't expect a super toned pair of legs to just appear from nowhere if you only use them once a week to walk to the shop in.

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