Planning Your Diet

Slimmer size - Planning Your Diet

In order to be able to get 50 things done in a day we have to plan ahead. OK, 50 things is a bit much, but still some things need to be planned. So why not plan your diet? People plan a lot of things; it even goes as far as planning when they will have sex. Hence, the birth of hump day. So why not plan what you will eat through the day. If you’re taking the time to read this then you have time. So take a look at these steps that you could take to help you succeed.

1. Mini meals are great.
Eating Smaller meals more regularly is a method a lot of professional athletes follow. Boxers, Martial Artists, a lot of them do this as they can perform better, more efficient when not bloated. The body isn't too busy digesting huge amounts of food. Smaller Meals are easier on the body, easier to digest. Eating a small meal every 2-3 hours is probably best. Make sure you eat good food with protein, fiber and maybe some fruit and vegetables. Always make sure that the meals are small enough to not make you feel full or bloated. If you do feel too full after a mini-meal, your over-eating and should make the meals smaller. Eating smaller meals will make you feel more energised, more alive.

2. Don't go over board.
As mentioned above don't over do the meals but don't have one slice of bread either. Start off with slicing you usual meals in half and see how you feel.If your too hungry then make the meals slightly larger. As long as you make a start in making them smaller, and you gradually get the meals smaller, then your doing OK. Don't eat with your eyes, eat with your mind. In time your body will get used to managing a smaller intake of food and will adapt to that. If you can get past that first stage , you wont go overboard.

3. Eat good tasting food.
Every now and then its OK to let yourself go and eat something you know you shouldn't. This way you get it out your system and this will make it easier for you to follow your diet routine. If you don't let yourself eat something you shouldn't occasionally, then it will most probably affect your diet as you will be nibbling little bits of things you know you shouldn't ,which will grow and grow until your eating the things you know you shouldn't every day.Then your on the road to failure.

4. Eat your calories, don't drink them.
Don't drink loads of fizzy pops, cups of hot chocolate and beers throughout the day. These drinks have the potential to keep all your weight on, even make you put more weight on. So try to get your nutrients from food, not liquids.If you need a drink have water or juices.

5. Exercise.
Everyone knows you need to keep fit. Exercise has many benefits, one being that it will keep you mentally sharp as well as physically able.Being mentally sharp will definitely help you stick to your diet. If your depressed you have a much higher chance of eating bad foods and putting loads of weight on. Stay mentally sharp, keep the exercise up and don't start the bad cycle of depression mixed with eating fatty foods.

6. Make your meals last.
This can be hard when your hungry. You just want to swallow it whole almost! Food should be chewed, eaten slowly so you enjoy the taste of it. If you eat food slowly you will eat less and feel like you've actually eaten something. If you just swallow, you don't get the same benefit.

7. Discover your food triggers.
What is your weakness in terms of food? Cookies, chocolate, chips? We all have things we feel we just have to have. You need to understand what your foods are, that you feel more tempted to eat. If you do this, you can make a start on avoiding these things. Dieting can be simple. Like most things in life, if you plan ahead you stand a much better chance of succeeding. It's not really a hard thing if you cover all the angles and have the determination to see it through.


Anonymous said...

fizzy sodas taste so nice that its tough going not drinking them.

Anonymous said...

Temptation is the spice of life