Lose Weight By Running 30 Minutes A Day

The question that's widely asked is: Can I lose weight by running 30 minutes a day? The answer is yes, technically you can definitely lose some weight by running for just half an hour a day. The real question is, how much. And how do you measure that? By the calories burned myth (read about that below), or by weighing yourself on a set of scales? The answer to this question is so varied that there really is no solid answer. Every ones body type, weight, metabolism and eating habits are different, so it really depends on the individual.


There are some factors, though, that a person can follow to make sure that they SAFELY loses the maximum amount of weight for who THEY are in the 30 minutes running / jogging each day. I do have to be careful with what I say though, because there are precautions that must be followed. You see, if you run on a full stomach you will definitely lose less weight than you would if you went running on an empty stomach. The danger of being too empty though is that you do stand a chance of overdoing it when operating on empty and passing out. There is a fine line between having less food in your body and being so empty that the last thing you should be doing is going for a run. If you know yourself, you should have a pretty good idea of where your own limit is in this regard. Always think safety first.

Calories Burned For Weight Loss Is a Myth

Calories Burned For Weight Loss Is a Myth. Or at the very least misunderstood. With the safety first  in your mind, running with less food to burn gives you a much better chance of actually penetrating your fat reserves. For anyone wanting to lose weight, this is what you need to do. If you run with lots of food in your belly the body uses that as fuel instead of using the fat reserves because the stomach is empty. So yes, you will burn some calories, but from where? The food you have not long eaten (you won't lose any weight), or will you use the body's reserves (excess weight). So for maximum effectiveness from a 30 minute run or jog, you should, at the very least, not have eaten for at least an hour or two.

Stop gap question mid-post. Can I replicate running outdoors by doing the same distance on a Treadmill?

No, not really. A treadmill can still be effective, but it doesn't really offer the same intensity as running outdoors. As a person who has done both treadmill and outdoor running a lot, I can say that on a treadmill I can run for much longer. It's a lot easier, and much more mechanical. You need to hit the streets. Or, better still, hit the grassland. Much more friendly on the knees. Outdoor running makes you feel better too. It's more sociable.


That doesn't mean you shouldn't do a treadmill workout as an alternative if you can't get outdoors to run. By all means, do it. Just go a bit harder once warmed up properly. Do a higher intensity for 10 - 20 minutes. And don't even think about wearing a weighted vest to go jogging in if you are overweight! That's a definite no way! Read more about that. You'll end up injured, which will most probably end up with you not working out for a while, and then end up eating more.

Back to the post. Of course, running for 30 minutes if you have not long eaten is still good for you as long as you don't overdo it (ever ran on a full stomach?! not good), but you will no way penetrate fat reserves from running for half an hour with a full stomach. I know some websites paint a more rosier picture than I do here, but that is cold hard truth of the matter. I don't see the point of beating around the bush, it's a waste of time and not what people need to hear.

The same goes for after the run also. You must make sure that you don't stuff yourself, even though you will more than likely feel like doing so after some intensive exercise. Eat healthier food, like a balanced meal, and that's it. Don't reach for the chocolates and sweets. If you keep on doing this after your new running routine, you won't really lose much weight.


You may lose a little bit, but it will be over a longer period of time, and won't really be too noticeable. You may also benefit by looking more radiant from the exercise. However, If you think you can just run for 30 minutes a day, while keeping your current eating habits, and still lose lots of weight, you are mistaken. Specially if you are overweight. The daily half and hour run each day MUST be accompanied by better eating habits as well. Eat less before the exercise than you usually do, and less after the exercise than you would normally do.

Furthermore, I see that people are wanting to run 5 days a week. This is not the best thing to do, especially for an out of shape person. 3 days out of 5 is more sensible. Give your body a chance to recuperate on the days you don't run. Rest is just as important as the exercise itself, and can also work as a motivator, so you can work yourself up for the exercise day. Perhaps on the days off just go for a nice 40 minute walk instead. Running everyday can get boring and lead to exhaustion for out of shape individuals. Mix things up a bit to stay fresh, motivated and energised. And rather than just jogging, do other exercises to work other parts of the body.

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How long does it take to see weight loss results? said...

It depends what exercise you do and how much you eat. If you fast for as little as 2 days you will see the dramatic results that can be achieved in a very short time span. Fasting is not for everyone, and people with illnesses like Diabetes should not fast. Best way to fast for beginners, and still see impressive weight loss, is to have a small meal just once a day for two days, and on both days the small meal should be at the same time.

Preferably in the evening time. You will be starving hungry on the second day but boy will you see and feel the results. I tried it once, just a two day fast, and wow, my waistline had shrunk. My trousers were hanging off me. This is not really a long term solution but can give someone a kick-start with losing some weight.