Losing 100lbs Cheaply And Safely

I've been battling with weight for about 10 years. I've done the whole yo-yo thing several times. At the start of 2018, I decided it was time for a real change. I was determined to do things differently. I had over a 100lbs to lose, and I wanted to make those changes on my own without following a specific program. I wanted lasting changes over time that would stick. I had to do something for life. A lifestyle change that would last. I would love to share those tips with you here.

Losing 100lbs Cheaply And Safely

The first thing I did at the beginning of last year was do a cleansing fast. I ate only fruits vegetables, and whole grains for 21 days. It was important to get rid of all the toxins that block fat loss. It'll start your body on a clean slate. Stay away from meat, sugar, dairy, eggs, processed foods, caffeine, and white flour. That's it. No special pills. Just good clean food. After I finished the 21 cleansing fast, I had completely lost the taste for coffee. That was helpful because I had a long-standing relationship with Star Bucks that was ended through the cleansing fast. No more calorie laden drinks for me!

What to eat and drink

I make sure to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables like romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, collard greens, mustard greens, and turnip greens. They're all rich in vitamins, minerals, and iron. Good calories full of good nutrition to keep your hunger at bay. I stay away from fruit juice and sugar filled drinks like Kool-aid and soda. Even diet sodas can lead to weight gain. I've been a diet soda junkie for years, and after I gave up diet products with artificial sweeteners, last year, the weight just started to fall off. I drink water, unsweetened teas, soy milk, pure coconut water, and almond milk.

If I want something sweet, I eat it. Not a whole bunch of it. Just a small serving to get rid of the craving. I'll have a small 8oz can of real soda, (not diet) or a small sliver of cheese cake. I don't do this everyday, but maybe once or twice a week. I have found that totally deprive myself, I'll tend to overeat on stuff I shouldn't. I can control those urges better and be satisfied.

Nuts are healthy

I have incorporated nuts into my daily diet. Inexpensive and tasty, I eat a handful every day. They are a great source essential fatty acids, (the good fats) and fiber. Because of the fat in the nuts, they also keep the appetite under control. I also regularly eat avocados and olives for the same reason.

Change things up

Changing you regular diet is important to weight loss, but with out regular activity, the results will not be lasting. You must move. You have to use more calories than you consume in order to lose the weight. Penetrating the fat reserves is essential. You won't do that with just your daily activity. Unless of course, you're an athlete training for the Olympics! But then you most probably wouldn't be here looking for information about nutrition and losing weight if you were. I have an extremely active job, and still have to exercise at least 4 days a week to see that scale go down.

You have to find what it is you like to do. Swimming, running, walking on the track, exercise videos, or going to the gym are all great ways to get that extra movement into your daily routine. When I started working out, my shape began to change. My arms firmed up, and you could see my waist-line. I had more energy for my day, and I could do more physically. I just feel much better all round.

Since April 2018, I've lost 45 lbs. All this was done by following the regimen above. These weight-loss changes / strategies don't cost a lot of dollars, so are as the title says - light on the wallet. And you can start to see results over a period of time. I would start with the cleansing fast, and then use that fast to help make changes gradually through out this year. I believe you will be pleased with the results. Everyone's progress will be different. But stay determined, stick to your goals, and you will lose the weight eventually. Here's to your success!

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