Best Dual Ab Roller Wheel Kit

66fit-Abdominal-Roller-Two-Wheel-twin-wheelerAlong with the CSX Ab Wheel Kit, which is more expensive, the 66fit Twin Wheel (Dual) Ab Roller is one of the best out there for such a cheap price. It comes complete with a mini mat for the user to kneel on while using the roller in order to prevent getting sore knees when using the Ab Roller, which is a common occurrence with Ab Rollers when using them without any knee cushioning. Most people either buy the mat separately or just use something else from around the house like a piece of clothing folded up or etc.

But this one comes with the mat so everything is neat, safe and tidy to use. The 66fit Ab Roller also has cushioned handles so it's nice and comfortable to use. This Ab Roller is suitable for people of all fitness levels. Although, if you are a total beginner and rather out of shape you would probably be better going for the ELITE Ab Roller due to its wider wheel spacing giving it a little extra stability. All ab rollers, if used correctly, will provide a good abdominal workout.

66fit Twin Wheel (Dual) Ab Roller Good / Bad Points


  • Cheap to buy
  • Knee padding included



  • Can be noisy when in use
  • A few reports of bad build quality

Whats the general feeling among users

This product has an excellent reviewer rating. Most of the reviewers rate it very highly, a full five stars. There are a few complaints however about using the roller on carpet, which a few people said doesn't feel particularly safe. Also, there are some people saying that if you weigh a lot the roller doesn't seem to be as sturdy and it suited better for lighter individuals. One reviewer said that the 66fit Ab Roller didn't feel safe and that while they were using it for the first time actually collapsed forward when rolling out.

They blamed it on the product, but really this appears to be down to the persons overall strength, not being able to take the strain of the movement.This could be down to arm strength or Ab strength, but it is not really the fault of the product. Any Ab Roller with two wheels very close together, regardless of brand, would have made that reviewer collapse like that. It was the motion of the exercise itself, and the person not being strong enough to successfully perform the rolling action, not the product.

That reviewer and anyone else who is lacking upper / mid body strength, or has just never used a roller before should go with the Elite model. Yes, these exercises still takes some getting used to, it's not easy, but due to the wheel spacing being further apart it makes rolling a little more supportive than the other product that have a tighter together wheel formation. The newer model comes with two separate rollers, which can take some getting used to, but makes things a little more interesting. Both models are great, and will no doubt help develop those abs with some dedication.

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