Want Six Pack Abs

Want Six Pack Abs

Getting those Abs into tip top shape has recently been subject to much misinformation. So many new products have come out claiming to give you a six-pack in record time, even by using electric stimulation! The Abs are basically the same as any muscle. You can get huge abs just by doing a few regular exercises, there’s no need to purchase anything. The principles that apply to biceps and triceps apply equally to abs. So the four critical elements of your abs workouts are:

1- High-intensity of muscular overload
2- Progressive intensity from workout to workout
3- Proper spacing of workouts to avoid over or under training
4- Determination
A lot of people do sit-ups or similar. These are effective. But the only way to make them very effective is to make them work harder and harder. The more you work them the more efficient they will become. Never over do it to begin with, but over time you should increase your abs exercise resistance. Remember, Muscles will adapt according to what you do with them.

If you want some variation with your ab workouts you can hang from a ledge or bar and lift your legs up to your stomach. Here are also a few more suggestions below:

1- Leg Throws
2- Leg raises
3- Weighted sit-ups

For Leg Throws, ideally you need a partner. Lie down on the floor (on your back). Get your partner to stand over you, so your head is between their legs (by their ankles) and hold on round their calves. Lift your legs up and get your partner to throw them down with good power towards the floor. You have to stop your feet from touching the floor and lift them back up again. Keep repeating this. Id suggest doing about 15-20 to start with.

Leg raises are excellent for your lower abs. These involve lying on your back again. Make sure your lower back is touching the floor. Lift your feet up six inches from the floor and hold. I would suggest holding for 10 seconds at a time and doing around 5-8 sets. If you want things harder, you can hold them up for longer (very hard) or you could even get some ankle weights on a do it.

Weighted Sit-ups are good. But for beginners I would recommend getting used to normal sit ups first. Or if you do want to use a weight, make sure it’s not too heavy. Lie on the floor and hold the flat weight on your chest and do normal sit-ups. But it will be extra hard because of the increase in weight.

Always take care when trying any of these exercises. start off slowly, get your body used to the routine for a while. Always have a stretch too, before and after.


tez said...

Im well on my way to having a six pack. Half way there and I aint giving up until im there

tonye said...

Sitting on the computer for long periods of time will make your six pack none existant. It has happened to me. Im naturally slim but have noticed increased weight around my stomach and waist from sitting on the computer.

Got to get off the computer more and do some exercise. Situps and running is what I plan to do. Is that the best thing to do? Are there any other exercises that will shift stomach fat quick? Thanks

Anonymous said...

People always make that mistake, buying exercise equipment they will never use. Why is that. Is it like a security blanket. Are they just kidding themselves.. It really starts with making the effort to exercise, not with buying equipment