Weight Loss Guide Reviews

We have put together a number of exercise sources that have some good alternatives for you to take a look at, If you would rather not take weight-loss pills. Weight loss pills are not for everyone, some people just prefer to lose weight with the help of a guide, because they are mostly written by people that have been overweight themselves, and have effectively reached their weight loss goals. Losing weight can be easy with the right advice, and willingness to put the work in.

These sites are quite varied in their approaches, some are for building muscle and some are for losing weight, so hopefully there is something that suits everyone.

Fat Loss Bible.com

Anthony Colpo, Certified personal fitness trainer from Melbourne, Australia tells all in his e-book about losing weight in a safe, healthy manner. Many happy customer testomonials. This is basically everything you need to know about losing weight and getting lean.

Body Bot.com

Body Bot is a piece of software that creates unique excercises for you that only take as little as 4 minutes a day to complete. Body Bot is great if your short on ideas for exercise routines. This software focuses on short, quick bursts of training rather then training for long periods of time at a slower pace.

Fat Burning Furnace.com

Fat Burning Furnace has testimonials from normal people claiming to have lost a significant amount of weight, with only doing 30 minutes of excercise a WEEK! But on average 15-26 minutes, 2-3 times per week of robs super quick fat burning workouts should be enough for most people. Rob says his special routine has No cardio, aerobics, or special diet requirements.

Eat Stop Eat.com

Eat stop eat is Brad Pilons combination that includes flexible periods of intermittent fasting and weight training. Some good testimonials and explanations on why this method works so well. This guide is moslty about eating and excercising at specific times, and claims this method will make you lose weight quicker then any other natural weight-loss program.

Lower Body Make Over.com **Highly Recommended**

Lower body make over focuses on some of the hardest places to lose weight on your body, such as, legs, butt, hips and thighs. Joey Atlas is the author of The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Makeover’, which is one of the best selling books on Amazon.

Some amazing success stories, with pictures of before and after to back them up. Joey Atlas is an expert in transforming womens lower bodies for weddings, vacations, post-pregnancy ‘rehab’, modeling gigs, and fitness in general. An interesting read.


teresa said...

Have you heard of fit yummy mummy? Is it any good?

Anonymous said...

Joey Atlas was on the TV. He's been on a few shows talking about and demonstrating exercises.

Anonymous said...

Brad Pilons.. Is that the guy always posing like hes gods gift lol Or am i thinking of someone else