Do You Exercise Enough To Lose Weight?

Many people who have tried to lose weight, or are currently on a weight loss program frequently ask themselves, why am i not losing weight? Sound familiar.. The percentage of people trying to lose weight that dont lose hardly any weight at all is around 70%!

So why are they not losing weight? Well many of them probably do too much sneeking down and raiding the fridge at night! On a serious note it can bea lot to do with the amount of exercise you do. Many people who are trying to lose weight think that by, lets say, going on a walk will make them lose weight when in reality it won't make you lose any weight at all, it might make you feel a little better, but you won't lose any weight. This is a sad but true fact.

In order to effectively lose weight when on a diet plan your best chance is good healthy food and exercise. But like mentioned above, exercise like walking and other low energy sapping forms of exercise don't make you lose any weight, whats the reason? Well it is all about the bodys fat stores, the reserves, Fat. In order to get your reserves lower you have to do more physically demanding exercise, this way the body has no choice but to start to use your reserves, yes your fat stores, and the more you use them the more weight you lose, this goes hand in hand with a good diet also.

Walking is not demanding enough for the body to need to use reserves, you have to get yourself sweaty and out of breath if you want to lose weight. Everyones level for getting to the stage of being out of breath is different, the more overweight you are the more quicker you will become out of breath, also if you haven't exercise for a long time you will get out of breath fast, don't panic, just take it easy and build up your fitness levels safely before taking part in tough training sessions, rome was not built in a day. Just remember, you have to up the pace and intensity of your training once you are used to exercising regularly, this is the way you lose weight and get yourself in great shape. Sleep is also important for losing weight so make sure you get enough. Obviously if you are very overweight or have any medical condition you should always consult your doctor before doing any type of exercise.

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Go running every other day watch what you eat and you will lose weight.