Is Running Good For Weight Loss

When overweight and out of shape one of the hardest exercises to motivate yourself to do is running. A lot of people opt to walk instead of running because of how much effort running takes. And that's perfectly normal and understandable. Even a person who's in shape and runs a lot sometimes dreads going. For anyone, regardless of fitness level, it's more about pushing yourself to just get started. Once started you soon get into it. So why should you run instead of taking the easy way out and going for a walk. Well, as good as walking is, and it is a good exercise as far as keeping active goes, it does not come anywhere near to penetrating fat reserves like running can. You would have to walk many many miles in order to lose weight from just walking on it's own. Running on the other hand is a much more strenuous activity.

Yes, you'll still have to run many miles, but because your actually running and making the body work very hard you are many times more likely to lose weight. Walking isn't demanding like running. Of course, a healthy diet and routine must be accompanied with any weight loss routine if you want the best possible results. Is running good for weight loss? In my opinion it is one of the best exercises for losing weight. Not only for losing weight either but for toning up the body also. Thighs, Calf's, Buttocks, even the stomach, all get a good workout with running and over time will become much more leaner. Running also gives a great workout to the most important muscle you possess, the heart.

Running is without doubt very effective. That is, if done properly. First off, never run on concrete. Find some grass land and run there instead. For an overweight person running on grass is even more important because of the extra weight they are carrying, which puts much more pressure on the knees and lower back. Running on concrete will double the risk of quite a few running related injury's, specially bad knees.

Second, start slowly. Depending on what fitness level you are at. If you are overweight and have been sitting around not doing any exercise at all for a long time maybe you should start off with walking a few miles a day. Then after a while progress to jogging small distances on grass. Do short laps and make sure you do a few of them. Then after getting your body gets used to jogging, warm up properly and try and do all, or half of your laps without having any rest period. It doesn't have to be done at a fast pace just so long as you do it without stopping. With this type of gradual progress you will soon get used to running and I bet you will start to see the pounds dropping off.

Lastly, push yourself. OK, when you first start out no one expects you to go all out and run like a madman for an hour. However, we do want gradual progress and that means when you reach the level where your getting more efficient with your running you need to start upping either the pace or the distance at which you run. Either one on it's own is good enough. Both together is excellent. Doing this will increase fitness and stamina and, coupled with a good diet and running routine, it will help you to lose the weight you desire.

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