Healthy Life Style in Todays World

It really is hard in today's world, with all the temptation, to have a healthy lifestyle. So many fatty foods, bars, drugs, even the Internet in the sense of being able to do almost anything on line. Even buy your shopping! We are always trying to come up with ideas to make things effortless, and in some ways that is good but I think it makes people more lazy. Even with cars.

How many people feel totally naked when there car it took away for some reason, I know I do. My car was in for repair recently and I must admit I felt bare, my little travel capsule was gone and the thought I catching the bus made me feel sick.

But before i drove i didn't mind catching the bus because I had not experienced having a car and being able to drive anywhere when i wanted to. what I'm saying is we can do without anything if were forced to be without it. So why not train your brain to use this kind of mentality to your advantage.

We are creatures of habit, i know that if my car was never to be returned i would start to catch the bus and after a while that would just seem like the normal thing to do. In time I would forget what it was like to drive a car. The same applies with a healthy lifestyle, eating better food and exercise.

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