Beating Your Food Cravings

Almost all people suffer from a food craving every now and again. Food craving is almost always for a specific type of food. Its never to fill you up. The craving is mainly for sweet things. Sweet foods that give sugar or carbs to your body. Food cravings are not always for sweet things though and could be for crisps or an extra glass of wine.

Most people presume that it's their bad habits that are the culprit for the cravings or that they have no will power. But that is not the truth. The food cravings have biological reasons and if you want to beat the food craving we must understand these widely unknown reasons.

All of us at some point feel exhausted or depressed, and when we do we have low blood sugar levels and the body signals to the brain that it needs a pick-me-up. This then makes you want food rich with sugar or carbohydrates. One of the culpits for this action is Serotonin, these are the hormones that make us feel good. The conditions of low level of Serotonin and low level of blood-sugar go hand-in-hand. So that is the reason why when there is low Serotonin: We crave for sweet foods to make up for the low levels of sugar in the blood.

Another factor is Adrenal Fatigue. When you feel exhausted, stressed out or not had a good nights sleep, you are suffering the effects of adrenal fatigue. In it's worst form it is called adrenal exhaustion. In this busy day and age this health disorder is pretty common, but people fail to notice and it is not appreciated as such.

If you get adrenal Fatigue the body sends a signal to the brain asking for a sugar rush or perhaps even coffee within the day, at night you may crave for alcohol or carbohydrates, Giving in to these cravings will just make matters worse.

Tests also show that a person who has kept themselves on a low fat, low carb diet for a long time or have been taking weight loss pills of some kind Do have food cravings. it is because they have become at least partially insulin resistant without realizing this condition. The normal way blood sugar level kept stable is by the action of insulin. Insulin tells the cells of the body to absorb glucose from the bloodstream when needed. Because of their insulin resistant condition, the cells do not respond to the signal and cannot mop up glucose they need. That then makes the brain send massages demanding more sugar or carbs. The body thus receives excess calories which are deposited as fat and the person starts gaining weight in spite of eating less.

If you understand the basic reasons for why you are getting cravings for food, then you can beat the cravings. It will take a little will power but it can be done. To succeed your body needs really healthy foods, additional nutritional supplements (of pharmaceutical–grade) every now and again. This method with some exercise can eliminate the cravings. This method will take time but it will work.

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