Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You

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Does coffee have a good or bad effect on my body?

People from all over the world drink millions of cups of coffee everyday. It's become part of everyday life. We see a coffee shop on almost every corner in every city.

Is coffee really this good?

I think it is. Most People start the day with a cup of coffee. Good coffee almost has a raunchy taste to it. It tastes very rich and full bodied. Not many hot drinks can compare to it. Well maybe tea, but that is another story all together. People just love to drink coffee. Is there a national coffee day? You love a cup on a cold morning. You don’t feel the same if you miss that first cup before you set off to begin your day. Watching the steam come off the coffee and smelling the aroma as it snows outside is a very homely, snug feeling.

Is coffee good or bad for you?

Well, I believe you will get different answers depending on who you ask and what you read. Coffee is a stimulant and while people love the taste, they possibly have an addiction to the energy jolt it gives them as well. There are different stories published almost every week stating one thing or another about coffee, whether it is good or bad. But one thing is for sure, one or two cups a day isn’t going to harm you. As with all things, you must drink coffee in moderation. If though, for instance you are drinking 5-10 cups, or more a day it will have an effect on you. Some people drink coffee from the moment they get up until its time for bed! This type of behaviour is common in alcoholics. Be careful with very strong coffee, this can give you heart palpitations. I had this myself once and it was quite scary. Let’s talk about some bad things about coffee.

Coffee stains your teeth.

Coffee stained teeth are not nice to look at. Knowing your teeth are stained by coffee can also make you paranoid to smile with confidence . It is almost as bad as cigarette stained teeth. You can buy certain stain remover products for teeth, but I would recommend cutting down on your coffee intake. If it’s staining your teeth, imagine your body inside after long term consumption.

Bad breath.

If you've ever caught a smell of someone’s breath that drinks too much coffee you will already know that coffee breath smells terrible. Speaking to that person from a distance or perhaps communication via walkie talkies is a good idea.

It raises stress levels.

Drinking four or five cups of coffee a day makes the body act as if it is under constant stress. Combined with additional work pressures, it can increase your stress levels and make your stress levels double.

It can raise the risk of a heart attack.

There is a lot of speculation on this subject and there is no definite answer. But according to a recent US report, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, studies show that coupled with the stresses of everyday life, including work, it can increase blood pressure significantly, leading to an increased risk of long-term heart disease. Cutting down on your intake and making time for daily exercise is the best thing to do. Too much of anything isn’t good for you.


Yes, it can affect your sperm. It can lower your sperm count.

Scientific evidence is able to prove that caffeine in coffee form, decreases fertility. Even from consuming just one cup a day halves your chances of conceiving. Other studies have shown sperm count, motility and also abnormality problems, increased with the more coffee a person consumed.

But according to Brazilian scientists, coffee makes sperm move faster.

Stomach problems.

It's a known fact that caffeine irritates the lining of the stomach. So people who drink too much coffee may end up with stomach problems from long term consumption.

Here are some of the benefits of coffee:

It prevents prostate cancer.

Coffee contains boron, which is a chemical that helps prevent prostate cancer. So a cup now and again can actually help you.

It can help prevent skin cancer

Scientists recently done tests on this and found. When you exercise and have consumed some coffee the same day, certain ingredients in the coffee come through your skin (as you sweat) and that helps protect your skin from cancerous cells forming. Tests are on-going in this area.

It is a good drink for socialising.

Going out for coffee can be compared to going to a pub, but a coffeehouse is a much healthier, relaxed choice. There both used for meeting friends and socialising. People go to the coffee house to chat all the time. A cup of coffee could be a suggested if you meet someone new to go out with and get to know each other. A cup once and while can't hurt. You never know, you might meet someone special over that cup of Joe.

It helps wash down a meal.

In many cultures and countries it is normal to start a meal or finish one with having a cup of coffee. No one is certain that coffee actually helps the digestion process, but it is definitely a nice drink to end a meal with.

As with all things in life, you need to do things in moderation.

Even too much exercise can be a bad thing. In fact, too much of anything can be. If you feel that you are over doing it, you need to cut back on the coffee. Coffee might taste good, but in the long run you are doing yourself more harm than good if you’re over doing it. Just keep in mind that one or two cups per day isn't going to hurt you.


Clarky said...

The opinions on coffee are always changing. One week it's good for you, and the next it's bad for you. The scientists cant make up their minds! It's also the same with Tea.

Personally i try to drink just one cup of coffee a day. Im more of a Tea man myself. said...

thanks for the advice

Anonymous said...

Coffeee mmmmmm, all this talk, i want a cup

Anonymous said...

Coffee contains Boron..Never heard of that before

jungle said...

slimmer size Nice webisite

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Columbo said...

That is great. I wasn't aware of the fact that coffee sweats through the skin preventing bad cells etc. You learn something new everyday! Not a coffee drinker myself but I might have one now.