Is Weight Loss All In The Mind?

Well I think we can safely say, it is about an individuals mindset. Is Weight Loss All In The Mind? I think it is, everything you do, from washing the dishes to ordering a take away, to deciding to lose weight, it all starts in the mind. If you can master the art of willpower you can do anything you put your mind to, including weight loss.

If you can train yourself to be strong mentally anything is possible. Obviously with weight loss you get a hungry belly too, which can be hard to ignore, but can be ingnored with the right mindset. Let's say before you give in to hunger and your weight loss goals you think deeply about how you will feel after you have given in, and realise how bad you will feel, how disapointed in yourself you will be. If you can make yourself feel these feelings BEFORE you give in to temptation, you will have a much better chance of staying strong and sticking to the right path.

This is all mind power, all people can do this, not matter who they are, all it takes is some training. Your mind will be trained in anyway you decide to train it, we are creatures of habit, these are not just bad habits but good ones too.

Never forget though, if a person wants to lose weight but their heart just isn't in it, they won't succeed. In order for the above method to work effectively, you have to want it badly. Just like when i gave up smoking for example. I had totally had enough of smoking, so i really wanted to stop. When someone has genuinely had enough of something, stopping it is so much easier. If your not sure, or in between, like you want to stop but are not at the point where you will sacrifice to great lengths, you will have a much harder time stopping whatever your weakness is, in this case its weight loss.

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