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Weight Loss Tips

We all want easy ways to lose weight. So, today we will talk about how to do just that. It might not be as hard as you think. We all have friends who pile on the cheese burgers with extra large fries each day. After they eat all that, they go onto eating a whole bag of sweets and wash it down with a big bottle of fizzy pop. Does that Sound like somebody you know? At some point in the day, we get thirsty. All humans do. What do you turn for most often? Fizzy pop, we all do it. Why? Because its easy and it tastes really nice. Who can turn down a fizzy drink after a day out in the sun?

Well, you shouldn't be doing that. You don't get anything back from fizzy pop. You might get a slight boost from the caffeine, but that is about it. You might get a slight sugar rush, but it won't be anything that will last. Also because we are slightly hungry. We aren't hungry enough to go get something to eat, but a drink will satisfy us enough until our next meal.

Instead of drinking fizzy pop all day long, drink juice. Or even better, try to drink juice with pulp in it. I know what you are thinking. Regular trips to the toilet, as long as you eat properly you wont have any problems. Juice with the pulp in it will fill you up. Unlike fizzy pops, there is something actually there to curb your hunger. You will drink less because you will get full. Give it a go, you might be surprised.

Always stick to brown, wheat, and wholemeal bread. Don't eat white. Whole wheat products are known to stabilize your blood sugar levels. This means you won't get hungry as quick. This is an easy way to beat hunger.

Program yourself to eat more fruit and vegetables and to wait longer between meals, so the body's digestive system gets a good rest each day. Try to only drink water or eat fruit within this "rest" time.

Stay away from chocolate and sweets between meals.

We all do it, Dinners taking forever and your hungry, so you reach for something sweet to satisfy that hunger until dinners ready. If you eat too much while you wait for dinner, you don't eat your dinner! So then you have messed up a meal. Half sweets and half the meal is the result of your dinner. If you wait and just fight it out with hunger, you will enjoy your dinner much more and will feel better for it. And you have had a whole meal, which will curb your hunger for longer and you will lose weight quicker.

Here are some tips you can use when making sandwiches.

Avoid cheese. Cheese may taste nice but it is full of fat. Never eat cheese before going to bed as it lies on your stomach. If you do this regular it is a heart attack waiting to happen. Some people eat tons of cheese. There is no reason to eat loads of cheese. One of the ways you can cut down on the amount of cheese you eat is by shredding the cheese. Use the shredded cheese instead of cutting slices with a knife. You can cover the same amount of area, with a thinner layer of cheese. You can also do this with salads or anything you have cheese with.

Cut down on mayonnaise. I would suggest that you eliminate it completely from your diet. I know some people who have so much mayonnaise with their food; I can't see how they can taste anything but mayonnaise. A good substitute is some Italian dressing. Just enough so you can taste it. This will really cut down your fat intake. Also, if you can make your own, you can control how much oil is in the dressing.

Cut down on bread. Many of us eat too much bread. If we go out to eat, the waiter will always put a bread basket on the table. I know it’s hard but Try not to eat it. The more carbohydrates you can get away from the better. This qualifies as a snack before your meal. You’re better off just waiting for your meal to arrive. If you want to out the fat you need to cut out the little snacks. Don’t pig out on chocolate and crisps between meals. Instead go for some fruit or vegetables. You may think that sounds boring but once you give it a chance I think you will be amazed at how nice they can taste, especially when you’re hungry.

Steer clear of fatty cuts of meat. A lot of people buy fatty cuts of meat because their cheaper. We all know you get what you pay for. If you want to save money buy it, but cut all the fat off when you get home. There are loads of ways you can cook lean meat. Most people like the fat because it adds taste. But with spices, you can fix the problem of not having the flavour that fat adds.

Stay away from too much dairy. Go for skimmed milk rather then full fat. Low fat versions are the way to go. If you want to eat ice cream, try to get flavours with a lot of fruit in them or add your own fruit. Avoid frying food as much as you can. Learn how to bake, broil and steam your foods. Frying adds a huge amount of fat to the dish. It may taste good, but it won't do your waist any favours. If you do fry food, make sure to dry the food off with kitchen paper. So, there are a few suggestions. These things aren’t hard to do. Once you try them a few times they will get easier, and in time it will just become normal for you.



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Some very effective tips. But hard to carry out!

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ill have 4 tips with chips please