Do You Eat Too Much Fat?


Most of us are very fat conscious. It is talked about constantly these days. From when we are kids we are told that fat is not good for us. A lot of people are more concerned with calorie intake than fat. To be honest you should be aware of both. You need to make sure that your diet isn't full of fatty junk food. It’s much better to get your needed calories from foods that are good for you. But let’s not forget, some fat in our diet is needed.

I believe that a lot of food and drink company’s are making people fat. I have seen some recent studies on smoothie drinks and most of them contain more fat and sugar then a Big Mac! which is very misleading for people thinking there taking in some healthy goodness but really there are consuming more fat then something that is known for being "junk" and its high calorie content. Maybe they are the real evil in the diet empire. I do think this has something to with why so many people are overweight in this world.

Take a moment to think about this. How many countries in the world eat bread? Most of them eat some sort of bread. Bread for some people is a main part of the meal. A lot of meals feel bare without it. In the old days, women spent hour after hour making bread. This can also be said about pasta in some regions of the world like Italy. Almost all cultures eat some sort of carbohydrates with every meal. What about china and rice? India and naan bread, The Irish and potatoes? The same thing, these are all carbohydrates. Where would we be without them?

Almost all people eat these every day of their lives. I think we are accustomed to eating carbohydrates. People consume so much bread and other carbohydrates that I don't know what we would do without them. Too many carbohydrates can contribute to you putting on weight, but don’t worry fat is in top place. If you eat too much of it, your body stores it and you become fat. You are also getting yourself on track for either a heart attack or heart disease. I mean, your body can and will only handle so much. We have all seen young men get heart attacks and other problems from too much fat at an early age. So, we know that fat in high amounts is bad.

There are many different types of fats. Some fat is worse for your body than others. Some things that are naturally low in fats include fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. A lot of food that comes from animals is high in saturated fat, like streaky bacon. Saturated fat raises your LDL "bad" cholesterol level more than anything else you eat. These include anything deep fried, which should be eaten in moderation. They will include, donuts, French fries, potato chips.

The second foods mentioned is what you need to stay away from. These are high in calories. Commonly known to clog your arteries. I hate to remind you, but the good stuff in life has its risks. I'm not saying don’t ever eat these items, but eat them in moderation. That is the key. Try not to eat them every day, once per week is alright. Don't go wild and eat a whole cake that was meant to be cut into 8 individual servings. Instead, if you know you’re only buying for one (you) get a smaller cake specifically for one person. This way, you won't be tempted. Treat it as a reward for having a healthy eating week!

Oils such as Olive oil and Carotino oil are low in saturated fats. You should try and use these whenever you can. Keep in mind though, you should only use a little of any oil. And dry food off with kitchen paper. Also by using non stick cookware you won't have to use as much oil when cooking. Watching your caloric intake as well as your fat intake should be of equal importance. I would also pay attention to how many carbohydrates you are eating each day. I know i have talked about them earlier, but a big majority of people are too dependant on them. They are a good source of energy, but you will feel bloated and quite lazy if you eat too much of them. There are pointers to look out for to see if your eating too many, such as feeling like you need a nap all the time. Lower fat, smaller meals more regular through the day is best.

As mentioned above, there is health risks involved with a diet high in fat.

You are at higher risk of having heart disease. Plus a whole host of cancers. People who eat high fat diets also have skin problems. And it is also known to affect your mood, if you eat healthy you generally feel better. People who eat too much fat have very bad complexion.

Please don't finish reading this and think that you should cut out all of the fat in your diet. That isn't my intent. Instead, you should look at your diet in the big picture. You can eat some fat; just don't go eating big bacon sandwiches, chips and burgers everyday. You, as the owner of your body know it better then anyone else. So you will know when you analyse your eating and living habits if you’re eating too much fat or not getting enough exercise.

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