Where Diets Go Wrong

Everyones automatic reaction is to eat less when they find out they have put on some weight. Which makes sense, eat less, lose weight. Almost everything we see on the internet regarding this subject says the same thing: Eat less food. So the answer is simple, less food is a challenge and has a limited feel to it.

You may find this shocking. But cutting down on food alone wont help you lose weight. Over thousands of years humans have been through some hard times in terms of finding food to survive. Our decendants managed to get through periods of starvation. So lowering your food intake alone will not make a huge difference. The body will simply compensate for it by lowering the amount of energy produced and limiting the capacity for effort.

If you want to lose weight, the best way is to eat wise rather then less. No matter if your overweight or slim, people eat roughly the same calories daily because we all need the same required amount of food. Overweight people will generally eat more fat then slimmer people. It mostly comes down to eating patterns and types of food.

Any good diet will take time to work. Becoming fat doesn't happen in a day, so the reverse wont either. So many people search high and low for weight loss tricks or cheats, trying to find that pill that can make the fat disappear. You must of seen some of the marketing or adverts promising extreme weight loss in a short amount of time. And you probably know that losing weight doesn’t work like that.

The best way to lose weight and KEEP it off is to try and avoid very fatty foods and to exercise regularly. Dont think that you can diet and not exercise and still lose weight. If you diet without exercising sooner or later you will put the weight back on within a few months. The lifestyle many people lead in todays world is why there are so many overweight people. Cars, Jobs that involve sitting down all day. The ease of going to a fast food joint or ordering a take away. Modern life comes at a price. Just like most things in life.


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Some good points. I think there is a perfect diet for each individual